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Backyard Design Orange County CA

Backyard Design Orange County CA

Smart Patio Plus offers high-end backyard design in Orange County, CA, at competitive rates. We create a photo-realistic 3D rendering of what the patio will look like with our patio covers to paint a clear picture to our clients.

Can you put a roof on a pergola?

While pergolas are great outdoor structures, they offer little protection from snow, rain, or extreme heat. Adding a roof to a pergola with a patio cover can protect your outdoor furniture from extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, you can enjoy a meal or party or read your favorite book outdoors regardless of the climatic conditions.

We offer the best patio covers to suit your unique backyard design in Orange County, CA. Our patio covers come in aluminum, stainless steel, and wood varieties. All our panels allow you to control the outdoor temperature at the touch of a button, improves the appeal of your patio, and increases home value.

Advantages of louvered patio covers

The louvered patio is gaining popularity for its flexibility, affordability, and high utility. A louvered patio cover may be a perfect addition to your backyard design to complete the look of your home. Here are some clear advantages of installing a louvered patio cover:

  • Utility – If you want to enjoy the sunlight, you can open the roof panels at the touch of a button. If what you need is shade from the sun or rain, you can close the rafters. With our roof structures, you can customize your open spaces as per your mood, personal preference, and climatic conditions.
  • Technical additions – Our patio covers can easily accommodate sound systems and lights if you would like to wire the cover with the latest technology or accessories. Our rafters can support your wild imaginations and help you create your dream patio.
  • Insect control – A louvered patio cover can easily accommodate a ceiling fan that can help you enjoy the open space without the disturbance of pesky flies and mosquitoes. Furthermore, on a hot day, a ceiling fan can improve the airflow.

Besides, our patio covers are a long-lasting and eco-friendly option, as we make them using materials like aluminum and wood. All our roof structures come with provisions for you to install solar panels to fuel your ceiling fan and lights, which results in extra cost savings.

Reasons to choose a Louvered roof system

One of the reasons why many homeowners go for a louvered roof is its easy installation. It is a budget-friendly option to upgrade your backyard or deck, and these roofs complement a variety of home designs and styles. We use the best quality aluminum to build our rafters so that our clients enjoy the benefit of easy maintenance. Furthermore, aluminum is more resistant to dirt, dust, or rust, that cleaning the roof once a month would keep them in good condition for several years.

Get in touch with Smart Patio Plus to get the best backyard design in Orange County, CA. Our Louvered roof structures can help you control your outdoor environment at the touch of a button.

Backyard Design Orange County CA