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Couldn’t be happier with the prompt service I received from this business.  My Monday was starting off on a bad foot with a toilet clog that led to a backup into the bathtub.  Though good fortune I managed to find Save Now P&R reviews and decided I’d ‘roll the dice’ and give them a call.

Their service was prompt and timely and their service person couldn’t be more helpful.  He quickly evaluated what needed to be done and told me how much it was going to cost.  I agreed and he went right to work, turning a rough start of a Monday back into a smooth one.

His work was prompt and very thorough and he cleaned up the area with a wet/dry vac.

Couldn’t recommend this firm more highly.  I was very pleased with their service and am making this company my ‘go-to’ when I need plumbing services in the future.

Eddie Cecil C.
San Francisco, CA

“My Uncle’s home had a blockage in his sewer lateral. His handyman could not fix it and suggested that he dig up his driveway to get to the pipe. I contacted Save Now Plumbing and Ben showed up on time and started working on the problem. After snaking the line from the clean out and the street vent with little success, he switched to the hydro jetter and that ultimately cleared the line. Ben did a video of the pipe and it was all clear. Great job!”

Kev C.
San Francisco, CA

Yesterday, we had an emergency plumbing issue at our home, and it was surprising how many plumbers in San Francisco list themselves as 24/7 availability or as emergency services, only to not answer their phone or to tell me that their first appointment was early next week. Ben at Save Now Plumbing in Rooter was the first plumber to take my call and conduct the conversation in a way that seemed to understand the nature of a customer who is experiencing an actual emergency. He listened to my situation, and even though he was already booked heavily that day, he made a point of offering to come by after work around 5:30 pm to help and add to his day. When he arrived, he was pleasant, professional, clear and helpful throughout. He diagnosed the problem, offered two solutions at two different prices (both entirely fair prices in my view), and stayed on for a full hour to complete the work and even used an underground camera at the end to show me that his work was completed and successful, so I could move on with fewer worries. Ben did an excellent job, and we’d definitely call him again. A total treat to have an urgent problem solved by a friendly, capable professional who takes his work seriously and with integrity. Highly recommended.

Marc S.
San Francisco, CA

Sal was on time for the appointment. Very professional. Initially we did a snake job but detecting there was a lot of grease in the kitchen pipe we agreed to completely clean it by hydro jet. Hopefully, I don’t have to see you in the next few years in a good way.

Frank L.
San Francisco, CA

They were super nice and easy to work with. I had a very minor problem with my toilet that wasn’t an emergency, but Ben was here within 30 mins and finished in 10 more. Much appreciated guys!

Julianna B.
San Francisco, CA

Our kitchen sink got clogged up and my attempts to clear it with a snake were unsuccessful. I called Save Now at about 3:15 in the afternoon and Ben gave me both an estimate and a time he could come over and fix it (5:30-6:30 the same day!). Some places won’t give you an estimate (even with such a well-defined issue) and want you to make an appointment for someone to come over for an assessment.

Kevin S.
San Francisco, CA

Fixed my problem, but it almost seemed by accident. It was going to be $185 whether he fixed it or not, I was told. I rolled the dice and came up lucky I suppose. Seems like a lot of money without any guarantee of actually fixing the problem.

Patrick S.
San Francisco, CA